Horses are one of God’s most magnificent creatures.

Solace In Rose Equine Body Work  is owned by Victoria (Tori) Gillott,
and based in Chapel Hill/ Pittsboro, NC.   Connecting and benefiting horses through practicing techniques of The Masterson Method

Meet Victoria “Tori”

Tori starting riding around 7-8 yrs old and her lifelong journey with horses began. Blessed to spend the majority of her childhood at a 1500 acre horse farm in Hillsborough, Tori spent all her time learning about horses, showing, fox-hunting, eventing, and Pony Clubbing. Riding bareback with halters in the open fields, running with horses, or just sitting – spending time with them, swimming in the pond with horses, sleeping in their stalls when allowed, and sharing snacks with them (Cheese Crackers and Mountain Dew).  Horses were just as much a part of her life as breathing air.

“I’ve always had a spiritual connection with horses.”


Several chapters of life passed, and after close to 40 yrs of not “being with” horses Tori came across a little quarter horse – Rose.   Rose had a loving spirit, and the heart of a little girl. God opened doors and they became partners. It was if a surge of oxygen was pumped into her lungs again.

“Rose came days before my late husband was diagnosed with colon cancer.”

Tori knows that Rose was God’s gift, to give her strength in a time of major life changes. Rose and Tori have learned and grown together and Rose is her sanctuary and heart. Their connection has given them opportunities to try different disciplines and Rose has demonstrated true versatility.

How it Began

Always performing body work on Rose (making it up by her reactions) – our connection grew and I knew this was the path I wanted to take  I took a weekend course in Equissage to start.   I later attended a Liberty and Dressage clinic with Rose, held by the co-founders of the equine art experience Cavalia – Frederic Pignon and his wife, Magali Delgado. As Frederic was working with Rose, he sensed her sacrum pain and told me that Flowtrition would help. Frederic then referred me to Lance Wright, who had taught Frederic Flowtrition while working on Frederic’s Lusitano, Templado, while performing with Cavalia in Texas. Flowtrition was the only technique that seemed to help.  Frederic and Magali practice it with  their horses in France, and inspired by their first-hand experience, I soon found myself on a plane and attending the next class that Lance and his wife, Jeanette,  held in Texas.  I then started with the Masterson Method courses and am still learning!  A home course, a weekend course, a 5 day advanced, Anatomy,  and now fieldwork with write-ups!  Working on becoming a MMCP  (which takes a few years and many hours),  is hard work – worth it –  the connection and understanding with horses and what their body needs is priceless.

Why Massage Therapy?

As a lifelong equestrian, health benefits consultant, and fitness instructor, I have always known the importance of receiving body work for muscles and well-being, and knew that horses, as the incredible and beautiful athletes they are, could also benefit from body work. We put extraordinary demands on the mind, body and spirit of the horse –  body work helps keep the body and mind healthy.  Body work is a connection to the animals I have always loved, and a way to give back to them. What better way to connect to one of God’s most magnificent creatures than through touch? Working with horses  is a healing benefit for both the horse and me in many ways.

Happier, healthier horses make happier, healthier people.  If I can connect and work with a horse and provide a change for the better, then I have accomplished my goal.

Equine Body Work/Flowtrition

Equine Body Work

Equine Body work is movement in a relaxed state using the Masterson Method.   The magic of the Masterson Method recognizes and uses the responses of the horse to find and release tension in the horses body. In contrast to traditional equine massage, it works with the horse’s nervous system and the horse actively participates in the process.   We work “with” the horse rather than to the horse.   The participation and interaction are what make the Masteron Method fulfilling for those who use it and transformational for the horse.   I improves performance, movement, behavior and relationship with the owner.  Body work enhances muscle tone, improves circulation, increases range of motion, reduces recovery time from injuries – promotes healing by increasing the flow of nutrients to the muscles and carrying away excessive fluids and toxins, and creates overall well-being…physically and mentally.


Is gentle touch connecting to the horse and their nervous system.   It often has a  calming effect thereby resulting in the horses creating their own change and making their own bodily adjustments within as needed –  Energy Work.  This technique intertwines with the Masterson Method on many levels.

KEY BENEFITS OF Equine body Work

Sixty Percent of the horse’s body weight is muscle –  any stress or injury results in tension, thereby limiting performance and overall well-being. Body work relieves that tension – both mentally and physically for the horse.  

For performance horses:

  • Missy EOH JumpingCan be used preventatively on performance horses to loosen and warm up the muscles prior to event
  • Post-event massage relieves muscle pain and stiffness by returning the muscles to a normal state much faster than if gone without a massage
  • Enhancing blood flow keeps the body in better physical condition

For injured horses:

  • Increased blood flow accelerates healing
  • Can relieve tension and agitation from horses on stall rest

For horses in training/schooling:rose ww trot twha 8.18

  • Releases tension in areas allowing horses to move freely
  • Improves range of motion
  • Tension-free muscles allow for better collection and maintaining proper form resulting in longer-term benefits

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My young (and green) horse kept getting tight and tense due to his growth spurts. Body work really helped him relax and keep the muscles loose.

Grace | Chapel Hill, NC

Body work made a noticeable difference in the recovery time of my horse – it was much faster than the vet expected, and I knew my horse was much more comfortable.

Kevin | Chapel Hill, NC

How it Works

CASE STUDYme and harley

“Harley” – Torn Flexor Tendon

With Harley on stall rest due to his injury, I performed body work with  him regularly to help relieve tension and stiffness caused by lack of movement and restricted space.  The body work helped Harley increase blood flow and reduce tension. As a result, Harley healed much faster than the vet or anyone expected.

The Process

The session begins with discussing  with the owner about the horse’s background and any medical conditions or any issues encountered when working with the horse. I do a complete palpation of the horse.   Each horse is different and requires different touch. It is a process of listening to the horse and being aware of their needs.

I’m often asked if horses will need repeat sessions to maintain the positive effects of body work.  It depends on the horse, some need every 3 weeks, or every 2 months, or longer.    Likewise, horses in recovery or stall rest may also find it beneficial to have additional sessions. Each horse is different and requires different assessments, and responds differently to therapy.   But all horses benefit from body work.

 $75 a session

My travel radius is about 45 minutes from Chapel Hill/Pittsboro, North Carolina.